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> > I feel the same way
> > -The most 'mainstream' stuff in my music collection is long forgotten
> > techno from the 90s like Technotronic
> > -The only books I read are literature reviews like 'Against
> > Interpretation' or conspiracy shit that literally makes people angry
> > when I bring it up,like about how musicians in the 60s were likely
> > frauds with ties to the military industrial complex.
> > -The last movie I watched was an Italian one from the 70s that was a
> > great allegory about people who refuse to grow up and let things go
> > (Maladolescenza)-- except I can't talk to anyone about it because it
> > mostly features kids traipsing around the woods and having sex in caves
> > -Ive never enjoyed video games. I keep trying but they bore me dead, so
> > that's another thing I can't talk about.
> You sound like an annoying tryhard.

I am. Otherwise I wouldn't be browsing an obscure imageboard with my 
fellow tryhards.(´ー`)

Reference: 2024/06/09(Sun) 19:32:49

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dfskm ヽ(´ー`)ノ

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You could run into some truly crazy videos back in the day. This one was 
a real journey...(゚∇゚)


11626. >Anonymous-san   User: Time   Post date: 2024/04/17(Wed) 01:31:39             
> > To hwat did you fappeth?
> traps....

youre a failure of a human (´∇`)σ

Reference: 2024/04/17(Wed) 00:03:05

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> > I think possession of CP was only outlawd in 2014 in Japan.
> THAT recently? oh man, that's unexpected, how long ago was 2014 again?.... it was 8 years ago?! i feel ooooooold (´-`)

its 2024. 2014 was 10 years ago.(´∇`)σ

Reference: 2024/03/21(Thu) 15:03:31

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