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>   (::;;;;::) Screw you, arachnotron!
> (::(  ´Д)::)           /´A` \
>    (    ⊃⊃︻デ═一     _\####   /_
>     >  >  >           //<     (  )  )
> I am planning to make a game using the doom engine. This game is centered around Forrest. A 12 year old boy just wanting to get back home. He accidentally got into a very very Strange World (pun half-intended) by sleeping on the wrong side of the bed. Now he's surrounded by demons and possessed Marines.
> His name is Forrest because an anonymous user called him that,  and the name seemed quite fitting for some reason.
> Should I make this wad with a whole story like I said, or just your average Doom mod, like the Simpsons mod? What are your thoughts?

I also forgot to say should I make it into a megawad, or just a few maps.

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