991. Forrest doom Wad   User: lg   Post date: 2021/07/11(Sun) 06:40:55             
  (::;;;;::) Screw you, arachnotron!
(::(  ´Д)::)           /´A` \
   (    ⊃⊃︻デ═一     _\####   /_
    >  >  >           //< > > <<\ \
    (  )  )

I am planning to make a game using the doom engine. This game is centered around Forrest. A 12 year old boy just wanting to get back home. He accidentally got into a very very Strange World (pun half-intended) by sleeping on the wrong side of the bed. Now he's surrounded by demons and possessed Marines.

His name is Forrest because an anonymous user called him that,  and the name seemed quite fitting for some reason.

Should I make this wad with a whole story like I said, or just your average Doom mod, like the Simpsons mod? What are your thoughts?

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