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> Why do people talk about 'the early 2000s' when they're referring to the 
> whole decade? I hear people say 'the early 2000s' when they're referring 
> to something from 2000-fucking-7.(;´Д`)

That's a pet peeve of mine too, but I realized they're probably 
referring to "2000s: the century" rather than "2000s: the decade". So 
"early 2000s" = "early 21st century" (;^Д^)

It's probably a result of being too young to remember the decade, and 
perhaps it's also how they teach it in schools

Even at the time, there was always the debate over whether to call the 
decade "the two-thousands", "the naughties", "the oh-ohs", "the 
double-ohs", "the zero zeros" etc., so the mix-up likely comes from the 
fact we collectively settled on "the two-thousands", which the century 
can also be referred to as (;^Д^)

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