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> >replicate the feels of being in some chatboard in the late 
> absolutely nope, how do you want to replicate what you just did not know/live, uh? that crap feels more like 4chinpo without porn
> youve never been there, youve just known by HEARSAY and, as always, have not missed the opportunity to rub your virtual penis in it
> absolutely pathetic, pu-pu-puh

Yeah... except tons of ayashii world sites and scripts still exist, and 
many ancient logs are out there if you dig around for them 

"4chan without the porn" is a surprisingly apt way of putting it, 
especially if we're talking about the 4chan of 10+ years ago. Any place 
on the internet where someone can anonymously post highly descriptive 
essays about how they fapped to their little sister while she was 
sleeping in the same room, and have somebody else save those posts for 
future generations to read, is undeniably 4chan-like, like it or not 

No, this site does not share much in the way of any particular ayashii 
world's culture (OBVIOUSLY). Nobody who actually posts here ever 
claimed it did. It's just the same format, using a slightly updated 
version of a classic ayashii world script, translated into English by 
one of the users here, with some users adopting a few things from 
ayashii world culture here and there, all for the sake of fun and 

Try enjoying it for what it is rather than hating it for what it 
isn't - and if you still hate it, there's plenty of Japanese ayashii 
world sites and logs still out there if you want that experience instead

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