958. >Anonymous-san   User: lg   Post date: 2021/07/06(Tue) 06:17:05             
> >replicate the feels of being in some chatboard in the late 
> absolutely nope, how do you want to replicate what you just did not know/live, uh? that crap feels more like 4chinpo without porn
> youve never been there, youve just known by HEARSAY and, as always, have not missed the opportunity to rub your virtual penis in it
> absolutely pathetic, pu-pu-puh

I hear you. I get that Kuz may not have created a perfect site that resembles the original strange world, but talking about the picture link , a banana is no way related to this site or the original strange world.  You cannot post  urls, aa's, or text on a banana. You cannot eat
strange world because it it not a food like a banana.  

just go to kuz's site and click the “Stop demonizing innocent people” link. Kuz explains the whole reason why this hated site exists.

Reference: 2021/07/05(Mon) 21:15:55

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