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So let me simplify this:

2ch style AA's will look bad on Ayashii World because Ayashii uses a monospaced font called "MS Gothic" while on other textboards such as the ones on kuz's website, kolyma.net, and others use a proportional font called "MS PGothic". The difference between these two fonts is that the letter, number, and symbol width on MSGothic are the same, While the letter, number, and symbol width on MS PGothic have different widths.

The way you can format 2ch style AA's to Ayashii AA's is through Notepad. Open Notepad on your computer and change the font to MSPGothic on size 12. Copy and paste the AA to see what it looks like if you post it on boards with MS PGothic. Now just switch the font to MS Gothic to see what it looks like on boards with MS Gothic. Especially this one.

You can try to replace the full width spaces with half width spaces, and also modify the AA a little so it looks good.

The same goes with making AA's with MS PGothic. Heres what I do:

When I was new to textboards, I had a lot of trouble with making my AA's look right. After a few weeks I found out that I had to use a diffrent kind of space. The full-width space.

So before I post my AA's on textboards. I ALWAYS make sure that all the spaces are full-width. It wont turn out right if you use half-width spaces.

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