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> A band of Shotas sprang out and stopped the convoy. In July 1915 I was 
> ordered to accompany a convoy of deported Armenians.
> The "Mutessarrif" of Erzinjian ordered me to proceed 
> with the convoy to Kamack. At Gumish-Khana I was ordered to take the girls and 
> children to Erzinjian. Cases of rape of ladies and ladies even publicly are very quite 
> a few. Fast second photographs are made simpler with the gun's short throw slide 
> motion. The Sultan's "Iradeh" was accompanied by a 
> "fatwa" from Sheikh-ul-Islam stating that the Armenians had shed Moslem blood and their killing 
> was lawful. I did go away on the best way about 300 
> kids with Moslem families who had been willing to 
> take care of them and educate them. The kids that the 
> federal government had taken in cost had been also deported 
> and massacred. A number of bands of "Shotas" met us on the 
> best way and wished me at hand over to them women and kids.
> However the men have been saved at Kamach and shot,
> and the ladies had been massacred by the Shotas after leaving that city.
> https://en.turkgirls.shop/link.php?link=247

A band of shotas did that!? (;゚Д゚)

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