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> > Write an erotic story about yourself and other Strange World users ヽ(´ー`)ノ
> You do it (;´Д`)
> Im no good at creating writing

One day, a cute brown girl named usagi arrived in a small village in 
the land of Heyuri known as Strange World. There were lots of strange 
men and women in Strange World, and after seeing her cute brownness 
and bunny ears, they were very interested in raeping teh usagi. 
However, they could not actually raep teh usagi, as she was in fact 
very willing 

"Users of Strange World, I am bored and horny. I present to you my 
manko!!!" usagi declared for all to hear. She then took off her manko 
juice-soaked pantsu, sat down, and opened her sexy brown legs to 
reveal her pretty pink pussy. She also peed a little - it was clear, 
glistening, and very enticing 

An immediate frenzy ensued, and all the denizens of Strange World 
rushed towards usagi to grab whatever they could. Some began jacking 
off with her hair, others were thrusting their pen0rs between her 
armpits and thighs, and even Strange World's resident lady users were 
vigorously sucking on usagi's bewbs and rubbing their mankos against 
any usagi body part they could get ahold of 

Naturally, everyone took turns cumming in usagi's manko, her mouth 
manko, and even her butt manko. usagi could barely tell what was going 
on with all the bodies clamoring over her, the bewbs in her face, and 
all the cocks going in and out of her orifices, but she felt like 
finally 1% of her libido was being satisfied 

After a few hours, everyone had finished and usagi was left lying in 
the middle of Strange World covered in semen and lady pee. "That was 
teh awesoem... moar?" she asked, but everyone was too tired from the 
previous rounds and could only reply with "(;´Д`)" 

Still feeling her eternal horniness lingering over her, usagi left 
Strange World and set off for the one place she knew she could receive 
even moar pen0rs and bewbs - Heyuri's capital city, [email protected] 

Teh End ヽ(´ー`)ノ

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