3605. >kaguya-san   User: Kuznetsov   Post date: 2022/05/09(Mon) 18:21:45             
> Without entering the close-source debate, here are some Kokonotsuba features
> that aren't currently enabled on Heyuri at the moment:
> Country flags, chatrooms, private-messaging feature across tripcode users, 
> soudane liek on futaba, post tags, filters... and few more (´ー`)

Setting aside the massive amount of backend differences which have
been tailored to fit our stuff.. heres some more: showip (a module which
displays users half-obsfucated IPs like on some japanese boards), built
in polling feature (seperate from /vote/), an EDIT module which allows
you to edit your posts if you have the delete key

Reference: 2022/05/09(Mon) 12:18:17

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