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> > All those "THX KUZ (^∇^)" posts I've made these past 2 years... 
> > disregarded and forgotten... how ungrateful!!! ヽ(`Д´)ノ
> > But seriously, I feel the same way every time I spend ages on a photo-
> > shop edit or some other OC that gets little to no response, or I just 
> > get a mindless shitpost reply from someone who doesn't get it or 
> > doesn't even recognize that they're looking at OC (;´Д`) 
> > I miss the days when hard work and creativity were highly praised and 
> > appreciated on Heyuri, but then again I'm pretty sure 90% of those 
> > posts were just you and I replying to each other (^Д^;)
> Let me tell you this: People see it, and many notice. Acknowledging it
> through a post is a different thing. To be honest sometimes I dont even
> do it, its just laziness, maybe apathy some poeple have (;´Д`) and
> also our software is deathly slow. Back when it took like 2 seconds for
> your post to go through you could easily see the replies stack up but now
> its a little different

Also on a more positive note, heyuri has actually been on an upward trend
recently, i've seen a handful of new users, a minor uptick in ppd, and moar
"quality reply users" as we call them (those who dont make threads but
are eager to make hueg replies )

Reference: 2022/01/13(Thu) 18:02:27

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