2327. >Anonymous-san   User: Kuznetsov   Post date: 2022/01/02(Sun) 16:21:18             
> > ( ´ω`) Sometimes, life is like having no towel when you leave the shower
> > ....
> > 
> > (;´Д`)
> Sometimes, life is like staff-san leaving up Rule 8-breaking posts for 
> days and letting faganon's famous flamewars of fail go unopposed...
> O wait that's not life, that's present-day Heyuri (;´Д`)

Really? Those arguments and flamewars are what makes /lounge/ go round.
I can understand deleting them on /b/ but I intentionally left them up there
who cares if he embarasses himself? (´ー`)

Reference: 2022/01/02(Sun) 13:32:50

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