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> > How am I supposed to make friends with other sites like kaguya said when
> > all the other sites are shit (;´Д`)
> Maybe teh crux of teh p0rblem is that u believe all teh other sites r 
> shit... (´~`)
> Anyways, u could always get sum1 else 2 play ambassador ヽ(´ー`)ノ

Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places but all of heyuris "peers" (other
imageboards of similar size and makeup) are absolute shit. The only redeeming
qualities are that which they copied from Heyuri! Seriously. Heyuri users are
such trendsetters.. the notifications thing, that was ours first! Some of our rules.., 
hell, even some of our threads, just copied. Heyuri is too good and the
rest are too shit, they just follow our lead for the most part. Oh yeah, and our
"heyuri neocities" project too, as soon as we did that, like 15 other sites did

(;´Д`) Maybe.. Maybe I am too cynical for this. Maybe someone else would
take pride in seeing this but for me it just seems like blatant unoriginality
and that annoys me a bit.

Reference: 2021/12/17(Fri) 13:28:46

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