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> > nude children, until 2003-4, was a thing for netnews
> > after 2004 the p2p wave took all of it
> one more thing, of course in between there is hotline, nap and everything else
> but first comes the community, they all goes around netnews
> when the big wave of p2p comes, those communities dies
> they need no longer search to much, it is right on the screen, just press <search>

sorry, three posts in a row
but i felt nostalgic and start looking for hotline, clients, servers...
i just found that the developer of shxd today is a transvestite

it look that there are many transvestites among english-speaking programmers
other day i was on that website, itch.io, and many developers were transvestites
why? jesus christ, have mercy on this world...

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