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> > no drugs and no pedophilia
> > these are for the netnews guys
> > ug is basically computer-things
> > so it have nothing with dead persons
> > there are people who like nude children, drugs or weapons
> > but that was accidental, it is not part of ug sites
> Come on now - while not as brazen as "japan.binaries.pictures.erotica.
> lolita", I've seen enough archives and logs of UG sites to know that 炉 
> and other topics were part of the culture
> We had Gmask/FLMask in the West as well you know... ヽ(´ー`)ノ

nude children or nude women was not part of ug, you are mistaken
i do not know where you learned that

you see a archive from a circumstantial conversation
and as i said, it is about computer-related things
circumstantially there is what to say about nude persons okay
as with anything, of course there is room to talk about
but that is, i repeat, accidental, circumstantial
you do not go to ug-sites to know about drugs or nude children
you go to know about computer-related things, games, softwares a tutti quanti

cite one super popular case are not going to change history mate
i tell you if you do not know, mr. k is from fj, not ug sites
he have nothing at all with ug sites
you will find links for softwares used in nude pictures? yes
but you will also find software for gambling prediction
now ug-sites are also about gambling?

nude children, until 2003-4, was a thing for netnews
after 2004 the p2p wave took all of it
this time ug sites was almost all dead

sorry for bad english
i am brazilian but japanese

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