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> > I'm mostly joking... EXCEPT for posting on kokonotsuba boards, which is 
> > TEH SLOW and seemed to get significantly worse around a month or so ago 
> > (;´Д`)
> Posting speeds were drastically reduced a month ago in order to bring up
> page loading speeds. I find that people lurk more than post and it seemed
> it would be better to speed up one rather than the other (;´Д`)
> Pixmicat is an ancient software written by taiwanese neets and did not 
> take into account that it would be loaded up with 50 new modules, and used
> on boards that have tens of thousands of posts loaded at once. Also, its
> just terribly unoptimized, and it would take large parts of the code being
> rewritten for it to experience any noticeable improvement. ヽ(`Д´)ノ
> Considering there are far more pressing things to spend money on fixing, I
> have put it pretty far back on the list, at least until I get another dev who
> can share the workload (;´Д`)(;´Д`)

I get it - imageboard software is always like being stuck between a 
rock and a hard place. It just puts me off posting on those boards a 
little, cuz it takes way too freaking long for posts to go through - it 
feels like the site is constantly being hit with a DDoS attack, some-
times even when you're just browsing (;´Д`)

I'd rather post here instead, where it's still lightning fast... I 
suspect that might partly explain why Strange World has largely over-
taken all the kokonotsuba boards this past month (;^Д^)

Reference: 2021/10/26(Tue) 22:48:49

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