1697. >Anonymous-san   User: Anonymous   Post date: 2021/10/22(Fri) 16:19:50          
> > (;´Д`) what
> Guesswho what i get when i make a post (;´Д`)

Do you have anything installed that might be messing with your HTTP 
referer? (NoScript, uMatrix, etc.)

The script attempts to compare the HTTP referer in your request with a 
URL that's set in the config (the default on HeyuriRemix is ./bbs.cgi, 
hence your error message) to make sure posts are only coming from that 
specific location and nowhere else

It's possible that you have something installed that's clearing or 
otherwise messing with your HTTP referer, and this ancient script haets 
it (;´Д`)

Reference: 2021/10/22(Fri) 15:07:20

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