1685. >Kuznetsov-san   User: Kuznetsov   Post date: 2021/10/21(Thu) 23:24:57             
> https://heyuriremix.fka.cx/
> (;´Д`) Its alive! Everyone, please visit us!
> Should this replace ayashii.net's software? Lets discuss
> I am sorry it took me so long. I have been juggling many different softwares, huge
> updates coming soon. I thank anonymous for his work on this, and also for
> naming it heyuriremix, publicity tiem ヽ(´∇`)ノ
> ( ´ω`)

Scrolling through this software.. it makes me want to add more focus to
ayashii-world type BBS's on heyuri. maybe a seperate subdomain for heyuri
where we include information about the software, how to use it, detailed 
guides, maybe some history. it would be a fun project and would be a good
gateway to draw people to heyuri.

Reference: 2021/10/21(Thu) 23:21:47

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