1663. >Anonymous-san   User: Kuznetsov   Post date: 2021/10/20(Wed) 22:12:01             
> > I think this board is sucking away activity from heyuris beloved /b/. (;´Д`)
> IT'S NOT TRUE ヽ~ノ;゚Д゚)
> /b/ became teh deadz0rs earlier in the year when a lot of the old user-
> base seemed to just up and leave. Then it miraculously came back to 
> life in the summer when all the excess boards were culled, focusing 
> everyone's attention in one place ヽ(´ー`)ノ
> ...then it became teh deadz0rs again when /a/ & /v/ were revived and 
> all the underageb& went back 2 sk00l (^^;ワラ

Damn it! Do I keep these boards or not?! DO YOU JUST WANT /B/?! (;´Д`)

Reference: 2021/10/20(Wed) 21:39:50

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