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> > The RNS Remix4.02 translation is very close to completion! ヽ(´ー`)ノ
> > It's just a matter of testing everything thoroughly to make sure 
> > there's no glaring bugs or mistakes, and maybe writing a better readme 
> > because the one it came with sux
> > There's at least one issue yet to be resolved - it says to use a file 
> > named "bbspass.cgi" to generate an admin password string, but it didn't 
> > come with that file... (;´Д`)
> (;´Д`) Look in the other archives

I looked all around but I still couldn't find it (;´Д`)

I eventually figured out how to manually generate it by looking through 
the code:

    print crypt ( "passwordgoeshere", "r7" );

The result will be something like "r7/b9cx2mGCfQ", which you set as 
adminpost in the configuration section of the script. Then when you 
put your (non-encrypted) password into the name field when posting, 
you'll get the real admin capcode! ヽ(´ー`)ノ

Or at least you do ever since I fixed the b0rked code - after hours of 
pulling my hair out not being able to admin post, I wrote up a HUEG 
post here earlier asking for help with the issue (I think it would have 
been the largest legitimate post ever made here)

Before I hit post, I figured out the solution, which of course was as 
painfully simple as deleting a pair of brackets (;´Д`)

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