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  (::(  ´Д)::)             ,、,、
     (      )_____(・▽・) (・e・)
"Cant believe I survived that."
                   "Me neither."
  Who is that guy?" 
                 "Dont worry
                   about him."

                            "My name is Mark!
                             would anybody like to buy my
                              free CEO plan?"

                "Hes the
                 random bunch
                of spammers
               in the saloon."

             "Anyways, what would
              you like to drink?"

"What do we have?"

              " We have water, anime
                 t*ddy milk, PR Juice,
                  root beer, and soda."

"I um, will just 
 take the soda."

                  "Good choice!
                    how would you like the bullet proof level?

"Um, what is that?

                   "The sourness. We serve a basic
                     citrus flavor, so it always good to be around 3-4.
                      Bullet proof levels are 1-5.

"Umm, I will just start with 2"

                    "Ok, be right back!"

      ∧_∧        (::::::::::)
     ( ・ω・)     (::(Д`  )::)   
     /⌒ヽ_ィ、       (      )______

                   "Umm, who are you?"

"They call me the lawn mower."

                   "Um could you tell me about this place?"

"The saloon is very quiet and few discussions are going on."

"You can always start a new conversation around here"

                      "So you just drink and talk to your friends."

"Thats the point of a bar kiddo."

                      "Are these drinks alcaholic?"

"I dont think they are"

                      "Can you tell me a little about yourself?"

"I specialize in wagons and moving stuff,
  I remember the biggest thing I moved was
   when kuz wanted to show 2 boys his train he made."

                        "Do you do anything else?"

"Not that much.
 Excuse me, I gotta go back to
 lifting wagons."


  (::(  ´Д)::)             ,、,、
     (      )_____(・▽・) (・e・)

               "Heres your soda!"

"Ok, im gonna try it."


                "How is it?"

"That was pretty packed!"

"Okay, um, could you give a tour of this town?"

                 "Sure! I will show you the Bank First!"

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