1273. SALOON FIGHT!!!(How Forrest shifts PT 4)   User: lg   Post date: 2021/08/22(Sun) 06:00:12             
Two parts, Had to split them apart cuz too big to post, 2nd part is below

 (:::::::::::)                                                                |    |=======+| |     |
(::(´Д` :a:_|_____|_   
 __(       )__(・__・ )__
              "So, first time?"

"Uh, sorta"
              "Let me tell you a little bit about this place.       
                You know this is Ayashii World? right.
                 Sorry to tell you, this is not the first one.
                  Its actually a really bad recreation.
"Well, its not bad."

               "I mean, this town doesnt even use the same script as the original.
                 Long ago, many people roamed where we are sitting back in 1996.
                  And this place is just a cheap copy. I hate it."

"Why, Kuz seemed to do it alright."

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