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> > Hello mods reading this. I was poster 93236 on /b/. I would like to make 
> > it clear I was simply posting an outlandish opinion in order to one-up 
> > poster 93235's retard opinion. I dislike politics as much as you 
> > probably do, but I figured that a more entertaining way of diffusing 
> > such situations is to mock them into oblivion by ramping up the 
> > absurdity. I do not believe those posts were going to brew into a 
> > full-fledged political blowout. (Such posts on Heyuri never do.) It even 
> > led to that funny joke about anime after WW3 being produced by gaijin 
> > slave labour. ヽ(´ー`)ノ
> I guess it was Poe's law - as far as I could tell it appeared to be the 
> real thing, and teh rules still apply even if ur breaking them as a joke 
> or being ironic (;^Д^)
> Rule 7 clearly states "just do not overdo it", and u went as far as 
> calling Japanese people "subhuman", saying nukes made them civilized, 
> and shitting on anime... these are real positions held by a large number 
> of /pol/-inclined users, and they're very not welcome on Heyuri (;^Д^)
> Regarding "Such posts on Heyuri never do": that's only cuz we don't 
> allow them to! We ban the rule-breaking users and delete the 
> rule-breaking posts - otherwise they'd just fill Heyuri with the same 
> crap they fill all the other websites with (;´Д`)

Do you remember when the guy was complaining about his sister dating the 
mexican, and it turned into comically crazy calls for his sister's 
death, and then into heavy metal screams? I believe it's the same 

Sorry,I didn't know poltards made the same statements. I never really 
browse it...(⌒∇⌒ゞ)

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