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> > Its a CP website if it gets made Kuz is going to prison which he should anyway.
> Learned my first lesson: Never click on sites before knowing what they are

It's always good practice to not visit random links you find on the 
internet without looking them up first, but in this case it's just SFW 
pictures taken from social media sites + the kinds of mildly risque 
jailbait/child modelling/junior idol pictures from the 2000s and 
earlier that used to be commonplace on imageboards before the internet 
got censored to shit

Prior to the mid-2010s that kind of thing was all over Google images, 
and people would stay the fuck away from imageboards unless they were 
OK with seeing (and fukken saving) loli pr0n, jailbait threads, 
Candydoll sets, and everyone fapping to Stephanie from LazyTown

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