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> > To my surprise, an elderly moderator for GUROchan has returned after 
> > nearly 2 years of absence
> > I was sure he was dead (;゚∇゚)
> Is moderating gurochan any easier than heyuri?

Not kaguya, but I assist with moderation over there sumtimes (when the CP 
bot strikes here, it usually strikes there and other sites at the same 

There (currently) seems to be much less in the way of "meta disputes" on 
gurochan since the material deemed acceptable & unacceptable over there 
is a lot more clear cut, and most users are just peacefully posting 

Trying to play community mediator, trying to put out fires while blindly 
stumbling across minefields, warding off undesired posts/users while 
trying to keep the desired kinds, find a balance/compromise between two 
camps of users with opposing opinions, etc. is by far the most 
exhausting and miserable part of internet moderation, and that's 
unfortunately a lot of what Heyuri moderation entails (;´Д`)

On top of that, the whole of gurochan doesn't appear to get as much spam 
as Strange World alone does... but what they do get is report spam 
(seemingly random on-topic posts getting reported for no reason) 
clogging up the report system. Heyuri avoids this issue through the 
powar of not having a report system ヽ(´ー`)ノ

Reference: 2023/11/20(Mon) 21:48:30

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