1040.    User: Kuznetsov   Post date: 2021/07/18(Sun) 08:10:47             
Hello guys. Just wanted to let you know that the ayashii.net domain got sent
several false "Illicit Material Hosting on this Domain" claims by an individual
 named "Robert Brown" who apparently didnt notice that this website
doesnt have any pictures on it...

Please help me combat this attack on my services by spreading the word
 of this individual and his crimes elsewhere. We are being attacked left and
right, and he successfully got an innocent website called "2ch.cx" - which
I dont even own, just host for, taken down. We are actively fighting against 
it, but it may only be a matter of time till he gets heyuri taken down too,
by uploading CP to it and then reporting that cp to our registrar. I know
its him because I have his and his friends IP ( i used to be close to them ),
and I can see its them uploading the files to the websites because their
vpns still send proxy headers which show their real IP, not to mention he
 sometimes slips and uses his real one anyways.

We are under attack.

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