1036. >Anonymous-san   User: Kuznetsov   Post date: 2021/07/17(Sat) 13:41:46             
> > Thats cute. Russophobia is way too common, this site actually loses alot of traffic because of that. So disgusting
> Blame whoever had the bright idea of adding Russian text and references 
> all over a website that originally had nothing to do with Russia, was 
> founded by an American, and is still to this day being hosted in the 
> USA... goddammit kuz (;´Д`)

All over? You mean at the copyright section at the very bottom of the
page? I cant think of anywhere else, and regardless, I dont think thats an
excuse to hate the entire website.

Reference: 2021/07/17(Sat) 07:24:10

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