1025. >Anonymous-san   User: Anonymous   Post date: 2021/07/16(Fri) 03:32:35          
> >  Eat shit and suck nigger cock i  am not new   nor am i  bitching bitch boy LOL  i just think its funny to troll you because you deserve it you are the yanderedev of imageboard culture because you cannot take criticism  nobody likes you except those who suck up to you keep  crying and giving me responses like this and you will just make yourself look like a fucking joke.
> >gets pwned
> >i-i was just trolling!
> also you still arent formatting your posts correctly - what a great newfag
> radr

U mad bro? LMFAo  stay mad yanderedev 2.0

Reference: 2021/07/15(Thu) 20:59:34

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