1023. >Kuznetsov-san   User: Anonymous   Post date: 2021/07/16(Fri) 01:12:57          
> >   can't post long responses so here is my response. 
> > https://imgur.com/a/g63uch0
> First of all, I can tell your new since you dont know how to properly
> format posts on a BBS like this. Second of all, just because you got
> banned doesnt mean im an SJW, do you know what that means? Social
> Justice warrior? What social justice am i fighting for, and its not censor-
> ship either, you should read the rules, because im only enforcing them.
> Another sign that you are massively new is expecting every board to
> follow the rigerous, 8chan-like "Free Speech" Extremism (theres a good
> thread on heyuri about this). The rules say at the bottom:
> REMEMBER: Heyuri is not about "free speech", and rules may be enforced with a small amount of discretion from the Moderators. You are in no way entitled to anything on this site, and your ability to use it can be taken away without notice, or reason. 
> So no, you have been ban evading for over a year, and you keep coming
> back to bitch and whine about how much you hate me and heyuri. So my
> suggestion is to get a life, move on, and find something worthwhile to do.
> If you think I censored you, thats fine. I will continue to delete posts that 
> break the rules and ban people who evade bans. You got kicked out of 4-ch, kicked out of heyuri, and now your kicked out of strange world. 
> Goodbye!

 Eat shit and suck nigger cock i  am not new   nor am i  bitching bitch boy LOL  i just think its funny to troll you because you deserve it you are the yanderedev of imageboard culture because you cannot take criticism  nobody likes you except those who suck up to you keep  crying and giving me responses like this and you will just make yourself look like a fucking joke.

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