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 [Date updated: 2022/07/04(Mon) 15:11:50]
 I started watching Rozen Maiden
 She really does say desu a lot... (;゚∀゚)
 it is a great show, look past the memes and you will find what i consider to be a masterpiece (´人`)

 [Date updated: 2022/07/04(Mon) 13:13:13]
 everyone who reads this message should post moar, even
 if you don't have anything worthy to tell ( ´ω`)
 I don't post much cause I rarely have anything to add.
  What should I talk about then? (´Д`;;)
  Neither do we have always something to tell, so don't overthink it
   and post moar ヽ(´ー`)ノ
   I have trouble reading this board, it hurts my eyes. (゚ー゚)
   │├Really? For me it's the most soothing board to look at ヽ(´ー`)ノ
   │└What's the issue? If it's the colors maybe I can attempt making an accessibility
   │ │theme.
   │ │
   │ │I guess the font can also be hard to read in long term. If you are familiar with
   │ │browser extensions and okay with not seeing the AA posted here properly, maybe
   │ │you can use stylus and set body's font to something easier to read
   │ │here is an example:
   │ │
   │ │.msgnormal, body, footer {
   │ │font-family: arial;
   │ │}
   │ │
   │ │Arial because imo it's the easiest font to read
   │ │
   │ ├Maybe, but Arial sux in other ways
   │ │ 
   │ │
   │ │ 
   │ │ "Analysis showed that satirical readings in Times New Roman were per-
   │ │ ceived as more funny and angry than those in Arial, the combination of 
   │ │ emotional perception which is congruent with the definition of satire."
   │ │ 
   │ └Well it just confused me as I experience this style of board for the first time. It took me a while to adjust to who replies to who. The tree view helps a bit. Just bear in mind new people need to adjust to the chronological order of this place. Also: hello! (・∀・)
     Welcome ヽ(´ー`)ノ
     ││Now try to understand what "Please insert line breaks where appropriate" on
     ││top of the post form could mean
     │└LMAO Sorry about that.
     Welcome aboard anonymous-san ヽ(´ー`)ノ
                       (    )
   But I have nothing to post about most of the time, that's the problem!
    If I were to scrape whatever titbits of topics to talk about I have,
    I fear it would come out as something like blogposting or just generally low quality...
    The eternal dilemma of the lurker (´A`)y-~~
    Though I guess I do have one thing to talk about right now
    I watched all of ARIA the Animation a while back and ever since
    I've been so captivated by it that I have and urge to share it with others.
    Has anyone here seen the series? What were your thoughts on it?
    The last movie released in theaters back in December of last year,
    blurays should be coming out next month iirc, so I've been waiting on that.
    Getting piss-drunk at night in Neo-Venezia is more ecstatic than injecting heroin straight into your eyeballs 
    I really really, REALLY love ARIA (;∀;)
    I watched the first 2 seasons a very long time ago, but I held off from 
      watching Origination because I didn't want it to end... then years 
      later they went and made moar, WTF ヽ(`Д´)ノ

 [Date updated: 2022/07/04(Mon) 02:13:20]
 Kuz Day thread was deleted for CSS's fix, but here is the archive of it

 [Date updated: 2022/07/03(Sun) 23:02:16]
 i hate this board
 not heyuri, just /sw/ ┐(゚~゚)┌

 [Date updated: 2022/07/03(Sun) 17:18:38]
 I really want to write a reply to anonymous, but nevar watched the said show (´Д`)

 [Date updated: 2022/07/03(Sun) 17:01:43]
 ah I thought about watching it yesterday, guess I forgot in the meantime... (;´Д`)

 [Date updated: 2022/07/03(Sun) 03:51:50]
 There is no greater dilemma than the choice between correcting 
 kaguyalish, and preserving its comftorable incorrectness (´~`)
 It may sound unnatural, but I don't think there are many grammatical or
   orthographic mistakes ( ´ω`)
   Not speaking English fluently is something the Japanese too do anyways

 [Date updated: 2022/07/02(Sat) 09:43:48]
  so it began...

 [Date updated: 2022/07/02(Sat) 08:46:05]
 User: Kuznetsov
 Interesting, ive just heard that apparently when some vidlii noobs came
 to heyuri it was their first time ever seeing an imageboard.
 I have definitely gotten that impression lately (;^Д^)
 aww I can't believe there's really people like that out on VidLii
 thats soooooooo cute ><

 [Date updated: 2022/07/02(Sat) 07:50:19]
 This is betrayal (´~`)
 No, this is OWNAGE (´∇`)σ
  How dare you ヽ(`Д´)ノ

 [Date updated: 2022/07/01(Fri) 23:09:26]
 Wild weeaboo appeared! (;゚Д゚)

 [Date updated: 2022/07/01(Fri) 22:59:28]
 Hewo!! ^_^ im so kawaii

 [Date updated: 2022/07/01(Fri) 17:33:10]
 i am very hungry but there isn't anything to eat ( ´ω`)

 [Date updated: 2022/07/01(Fri) 17:32:45]
 don't shy away when there aren't many recent posts ( ´ω`)

 [Date updated: 2022/07/01(Fri) 17:30:48]
 slow times ( ´ω`)

 [Date updated: 2022/07/01(Fri) 05:15:18]
 User: lg
  I missed something big yesterday

 [Date updated: 2022/06/30(Thu) 23:05:37]
 A day to remember ( ´ω`)

 [Date updated: 2022/06/30(Thu) 09:50:40]
 I didnt know so much kuz related stuff existed
 I came from Vidlii and had no idea kuz was involved here too, but it makes
 │ │
 │ └time flies, but noone said that ┐(゚~゚)┌
 ( ´ω`)

 [Date updated: 2022/06/29(Wed) 22:54:22]
 The partybus just took a jet flyby on /b/ (・∀・) looks like they were
  carrying some rule8ers with them too (;´Д`)

 [Date updated: 2022/06/29(Wed) 22:01:56]
 User: Kuznetsov
  Kaguya and I have a PLAN. FAITH! WE HAVE A PLAN

 [Date updated: 2022/06/29(Wed) 21:53:44]
 Kuz day is upon us ヽ(´ー`)ノ

 [Date updated: 2022/06/29(Wed) 17:47:39]
 Hear out my plans (`∇´)
 First, we would link with some of those BBSes where being "nice" is the norm
 Then, we would start posting gore/pr0nz on Heyuri. This would make said
 VidLiifags and underageb& lose interest in Heyuri, and escape to the site
 we previously linked with
 At last, we would be able to have fun once again with whatever userbase left
 on Heyuri. What could go wrong ( ´ω`)
 Or if you prefer a saner version (why would you)... (;`-´)
 We can just start talking about anime/eroges/books/games, post moar lolis
 and whatsoever only attracts actual imageboard users. The userbase you
 are complaining about do not seriously consume these medias, and would
 eventually leave Heyuri..... I think (;゚∇゚)
 Those two plans aren't mutually exclusive (´ー`)

 [Date updated: 2022/06/29(Wed) 16:41:40]
 these plans sound awesome and i'm in, as long as the insane plan does not contain posting real life cp, i love heyuri and i don't wanna get real life b& in prison for browsing this site ヽ(`Д´)ノ

 [Date updated: 2022/06/29(Wed) 11:10:12]
 for bbsdirectory anon, seems finally down

 [Date updated: 2022/06/29(Wed) 08:20:18]
 alternatively, wait for summer to end ( ´ω`)
 And try to grow the userbase and get other lurkers to post moar in the
 I can't tell which is harder among growing the userbase and converting the
   lurkers to active contributors (´Д`)

 [Date updated: 2022/06/29(Wed) 06:15:58]
 how rude!

 [Date updated: 2022/06/29(Wed) 00:14:56]
 I feel like Heyuri's entire userbase gets replaced every year
 Compared to the past, I don't liek the current userbase very much - 
   they're too mentally challenged to be any fun, and they carry the 
   horrid stench of deviantArt/tumblr (;´Д`)
   They're the kinds of fags who use pronouns in instead of a/s/l, think 
   OC means "original character" instead of "original content", and they 
   overuse pink and purple in everything (;´Д`)

 [Date updated: 2022/06/28(Tue) 18:42:42]
  really like this vifdeo.
  when I'm lonely and svad iwatch it to feel hvappy

 [Date updated: 2022/06/28(Tue) 08:42:28]
 User: lg
   WHAT HE SAYヽ(`Д´)ノ
   What he say (;´Д`)

 [Date updated: 2022/06/27(Mon) 22:22:51]
 I forgot how long defragmentation took in the XP days... it's been so 
 many hours (;´Д`)
 User: Kuznetsov
  Ah.. i just remembred defragging. That used to be a part of life, it was
  kind of satisfying to watch those green squares move around. Is defragging
  even still necessary? I havent done it in decades but i used to alot
  for some reason
  User: Kuznetsov
   Also i used a software i cant remember the name of but it had cool visuals
   of little cubes moving around as the disk was defragmented
   It's still necessary if you use hard drives, but newer Windows versions 
     do it in the background automatically by default. We are truly living 
     in the future ヽ(´ー`)ノ
     There were quite a few that did something like that, maybe you can find 
     it in this list:
     I'm currently using MyDefrag, which I'm pretty sure I used to use at 
     some point many years ago, though I don't really remember. It seems 
     very slow, but that might just be because I'm running it on an old P4 
     machine with the original crappy IDE hard drive it came with (;^Д^)

 [Date updated: 2022/06/27(Mon) 20:12:45]
 User: Kuznetsov
 Im suing yahoo for reasons about stealing. Ill public news

 [Date updated: 2022/06/27(Mon) 13:11:38]
 yarukidenai (´Д`)

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