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 [Date updated: 2022/12/07(Wed) 11:13:19]
 Please try your best to describe it, yoroshiku onegaishimasu (´ー`)
  User: usagi
   No, i am no longer horny ヽ(´ー`)ノ
   Kuso!! ヽ(`Д´)ノ
   │└not my fault i cant regulate my feelings properly (;´Д`)
   User: 名なし
     We can wait until you are again~ ( ´ω`)

 [Date updated: 2022/12/07(Wed) 11:12:18]
 User: Janus Cybercrime Solutions
 User: James Bond
  want to learn more about windows 95?
  order my learner kit floppy disk today!!
  User: 名なし
    Yes, please! (・∀・)
    Not that I use NT 4.0...

 [Date updated: 2022/12/06(Tue) 21:50:09]
 User: idiot
 mark my words, someday ill become a programmer so i can program a game where you throw mosquitos into paper shredders
 Use ChatGPT - I'm becoming a "programmer" right now without having to 
  think or learn anything! ヽ(´∇`)ノ
  I just gave it some shitty barebones BBS script I made ages ago, which 
  is literally just an HTML post form with some PHP that writes to a CSV 
  file and then displays the contents of the CSV in a table below the 
  post form
  By simply asking ChatGPT-san to make it so I can reverse the order of 
  the posts with a dropdown box, it fucking did it!!! And it even added 
  helpful comments and optimizations, all within seconds!!
  And earlier I gave ChatGPT-san a Perl function and asked it to port it 
  to PHP, and it did that too!!!
  Finally I'm a l33t hax0r, w00t!!!1 ヽ(´∇`)ノ
  User: idiot
  ││but can it run a doom engine
  │└Dunno, but I can make it add comments to everything, optimize code, and 
    make it search for and patch vulnerabilities
    The future is now!!! ヽ(´∇`)ノ
  User: jr!IoZP1d.X7s
    I heard someone say they coded an entire web crawler with that shit yesterday. How tf is it that good?

 [Date updated: 2022/12/06(Tue) 14:56:44]
 User: usagi
 Sweet dreams /sw/ ヽ(´ー`)ノ
 Goodnight usagi.
  Mark my words, one of these days youre gonna be waking up to me (・∀・)
  User: usagi
   Pls don’t watch me sleep (;´Д`)
   He didn't say he'd only be watching ヽ(´ー`)ノ
    User: usagi
     what else could he be doing (´ー`)
     Giving ur holes and jiggly bits the Strange World Special ヽ(´ー`)ノ
      User: usagi
        not entirely sure what that means but I’m scared (´~`)

 [Date updated: 2022/12/06(Tue) 02:12:38]
 Im a real nigga ( ´ω`)
 But is thou a real G? (・∀・)

 [Date updated: 2022/12/05(Mon) 12:00:02]
 Ok which one of you started spamming Garanger with jailbait links after it was no longer geo-blocked? You made them do it again after 2 days. Stop ruining the fun for everyone. (;゚Д゚)
 User: jr!IoZP1d.X7s
 ││VPN! ヽ(´∇`)ノ
 │└You do realize nothing works right? They have some kind of North Korea style geo-blocking.
 │ │
 │ └User: jr!IoZP1d.X7s
    Oh. ( ´,_ゝ`)
 We had a ton of spam like that here on Strange World earlier today (;´Д`)

 [Date updated: 2022/12/05(Mon) 10:45:16]
 Why does and since when sad panda listen copyright claims? (´~`)
 There was big drama on /a/ and other places about it back when it 
  started back in 2014. The cries of "Jewcob" can still be heard today...
  Fun fact: Fakku used to be a pirated hentai site just like sad panda, 
  but then they went "legit" and started sending out DMCA claims to every-
  one. Same thing with Crunchyroll, which also began as a pirate anime 
  streaming site that later went "legit"
  Moral of the story:
  Do not support those turncoats, pirate everything!!!ヽ(`Д´)ノ
  I knew about crunchyroll, but didn't know it was also the case with
    fakku. It's sad that sad panda has to obey those copyright claims...
    fak u fakku ヽ(`Д´)ノ

 [Date updated: 2022/12/05(Mon) 10:17:19]
  ( ´∀`)
  (   )
  | | |
 User: 名なし

 [Date updated: 2022/12/05(Mon) 08:29:06]
 A class was moved up in the schedule (;´Д`)
 I have to leave in liek an hour( ´,_ゝ`)
 And I'd already settled in for a day of doing nothing(;´Д`)
 I'm already fukkin stoned (;´Д`)(;´Д`)(;´Д`)
 Can you listen the recording later? ┐(゚~゚)┌

 [Date updated: 2022/12/04(Sun) 19:56:27]
 User: usagi
 I yam awake ヽ(´∇`)ノ
 Good morning ( ´ω`)
 User: lg
  Mornin (・∀・)

 [Date updated: 2022/12/04(Sun) 18:15:17]
 I'm so tired! (;´Д`)
 Go to bed ヽ(´ー`)ノ

 [Date updated: 2022/12/04(Sun) 00:34:42]
 How does the CP spambot even find those niche link shorteners (;´Д`)
 Sometimes I wonder if social media companies run the bots to stifle competition (;゚Д゚)

 [Date updated: 2022/12/03(Sat) 23:53:54]
 How great the world would be if you could grope a woman's boobs as a casual greeting ヽ(´ー`)ノ
 You came up with something great ヽ(´∇`)ノ
 │└User: usagi
   don’t you dare (´ー`)
 Don't some men already do that in Europe?

 [Date updated: 2022/12/03(Sat) 21:43:09]
 gesu (´ー`)

 [Date updated: 2022/12/03(Sat) 14:39:51]
  YOU WERE MADE FOR LOVING MEヽ(´∇`)ノヽ(´∇`)ノヽ(´∇`)ノ

 [Date updated: 2022/12/03(Sat) 07:02:39]
 God, driving school is so boring.(;´Д`)
  Wish I didn't have to go. (;´Д`)(;´Д`)

 [Date updated: 2022/12/02(Fri) 21:39:21]
 Garanger is back ヽ(´∇`)ノ
 For me the HTML loads, but the CSS and images don't (;´Д`)
  Works just fine for me they have put in a new captcha there is still spam on there but not as much as there used to be.

 [Date updated: 2022/12/02(Fri) 17:48:35]
 So today I was in the minibus and there were this group of cute JKs behind
 me and they asked me to hand their coins to the driver-san and they touched
 my hand (without protection!) to make sure teh money wouldn't spill ヽ(´∇`)ノ
 I haven't washed my hand since then. I will fap before that! ヽ(´∇`)ノ
 Nice! I want to ride the JK bus too ヽ(´∇`)ノ

 [Date updated: 2022/12/02(Fri) 16:17:15]
 I am profoundly stoned. (´人`)
 Can hardly see five feet in front of me. ヽ(´∇`)ノ
 Wow u are stoned, there's only supposed to be 2 feet in front of u (;゚Д゚)

 [Date updated: 2022/12/02(Fri) 07:29:04]
 Fuck yeah I love this tune ヽ(´∇`)ノ

 [Date updated: 2022/12/02(Fri) 03:37:50]
 someone make a kaguya (touhou) emote in the style of our other emotes for
  posting. we have a :kuz: - we need a :kagy: !

 [Date updated: 2022/12/02(Fri) 01:54:11]
 peace brings underage namefags
 underage namefags bring war with other boards
 war brings uhh I don't know (´人`)
 then it goes back to peace
 war arouses honeys, brings many cummies

 [Date updated: 2022/12/02(Fri) 01:53:40]
 Unbelivable how many times you must refresh on YouTube befor getting an instance with no ads (;´Д`)(;´Д`)
 Isn't it 0 times with ublock origin? (´~`)
  Not ganna bother downloading that just for a school computer. They'll probably scrub it in like a week thinkin it's malware(´~`)
    yeah, invidious is dope.

 [Date updated: 2022/12/01(Thu) 20:58:48]
 why does gikopoi link to and not
 Gikopoi is basically a gateway to gikopoipoi. It also braches to a wider
   community which Heyuri was once enemies with, so having each other linked
   like this is good for peace (´ー`)

 [Date updated: 2022/12/01(Thu) 12:13:21]
     (  人 )
     │ ll│
     │ ll│
     │ ll│     SEX AURA
     │ ll│        人人人人人
     │ ll│      <    .  .  >
 (;`-ノ  ll│      <   (ノ (ノ  >
  (ヽ  ノノ ノ       <  ('ー'*)  >
  ノ ωヽ        <   ιι)o >
 He's got small nads compared to his cawk

 [Date updated: 2022/12/01(Thu) 10:08:29]
 (;´Д`)so many butts and boners in here (;´Д`)(;´Д`)

 [Date updated: 2022/12/01(Thu) 05:42:35]
 User: usagi
 goodnight /sw/, have good dreams ヽ(´∇`)ノ
 Goodnight ヽ(´ー`)ノ

 [Date updated: 2022/12/01(Thu) 00:51:36]
 There is in fact a tripcode feature on ksphp+, but it's currently 
 b0rked on Heyuri for some reason (works on my test instance) (´~`)
 User: jr!IoZP1d.X7s
   it works on my ayashii instance too

 [Date updated: 2022/12/01(Thu) 00:11:18]
 User: idiot
  i hope people wont abuse this..

 [Date updated: 2022/11/30(Wed) 22:08:37]
 User: usagi
 my least favorite thing about ayashii is how its easy to disguise as someone ヽ(´ー`)ノ
 You can mail kaguya to get ur nicks protected
 │└User: idiot
   didnt know that
 User: usagi
  true. that was not me ヽ(´ー`)ノ
  User: usagi
    More anonymous than on other boards ヽ(´∇`)ノ

 [Date updated: 2022/11/30(Wed) 19:11:43]
 4chan /a/'s big annual 25-day xmas cytube streams start tomorrow at 5AM 
 UTC (12AM EST) if anyone's interested ヽ(´ー`)ノ
 Everyday there's 1 ep of about 10 shows shown one after another - the 
 1st show is always Toradora, and the rest are revealed when it starts.
 After 12-13 days, 1-cour shows will end and be swapped out for others. 
 There's not much of a break between eps, so if u attend I recommend 
 taking advantage of any shows u don't care about to pee/eat (;^Д^)
 There's normally around 300-500 /a/nons who show up, so it's one big 
 month-long party - naturally there'll be some minor Rule 8 here and 
 there, but it's usually not too bad ヽ(´ー`)ノ
 Oh yeah, that's sweet.. Wait, 5AM?! Who thought that was a good idea Σ(゚д゚|||)
   I really can't enjoy 4chan anymore. In the past (and by past, I mean until
   like 2018~) I could open /a/ or /jp/ and enjoy myself with like minded
   anons. Lately it got so bad that I am scared to open a thread just to see
   it got derided to be about jews. Kuso amerikajins (;´Д`)
   I sometimes join the games /jp/ games and see it's still alright though. Maybe
   it's because only those who has a PC joins them (´ー`)
   Anyways, on the topic, it's liekly that Heyuri will have another cytube
   night too at 10 December, that midterms are ova for most college students.

 [Date updated: 2022/11/30(Wed) 12:54:31]
 Strange World is like a pit of vicious dogs that prisoners get thrown 
 in to be eaten alive - except instead of dogs it's Heyurians, instead 
 of prisoners getting thrown in it's usagi-chan willingly climbing in, 
 and instead of being eaten alive it's being stuffed with big b0ners in 
 every possible orifice (´¬`)
 User: usagi
  this is NOT willing
   i just have realy bad typing/communication  skills (´人`)
  You choose to hang around horny internet guys in a place where no holds 
   are barred when it comes to freaky sex stuffz - that's willing ヽ(´ー`)ノ
   User: usagi
     Ugh ヽ(`Д´)ノ

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