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 [Date updated: 2021/10/15(Fri) 18:32:22]
 this is why i haet perl. its never as simple as people say.. i followed the
  instructions.. didnt work, apparently i have to have mod_perl enabled
  but mod_perl doesnt exist, so now im searching for it.
  finally, a guide on installing mod_perl! WTF

 [Date updated: 2021/10/15(Fri) 18:18:56]
 クズ (;´Д`)

 [Date updated: 2021/10/15(Fri) 17:48:39]
 I always LOL when I see KOOSS buttons on Japanese sites, I can't help 
  but read it as k♡♡z ヽ(´ー`)ノ
  what does a kuz button do? (;´Д`)

 [Date updated: 2021/10/15(Fri) 17:07:53]
 クズ (´ー`)

 [Date updated: 2021/10/15(Fri) 14:48:47]
 I am trying to run my own HeyuriRemix but bbs.cgi just displays the source code.. i haet perl
 You need to allow CGI scripts to run in that folder, and also set 
   permissions so that each script file is executable (usually chmod 755, 
   check the scripts documentation for more details)
   Here's what I do, but keep in mind that I don't have any real exper-
   ience beyond messing with my raspberry pi test server (Debian 10, 
   Apache 2.4.38, Perl 5.28.1) and I'm linuxly challenged ヽ(´ー`)ノ 
   (also the steps required may be entirely different for your setup):
   1. Open "/etc/apache2/apache2.conf" in a text editor as root or whatever
      (location may vary)
   2. Add something akin to the following in the "Sets the default 
      security model" section:
           <Directory "path_to_scripts_directory_here">
                   Options +ExecCGI
                   AddHandler cgi-script cgi pl
      I do this for every single folder I want to run CGI/Perl scripts in. 
      There may be a less retarded way, but this is what I know, and it 
      usually seems to work... ヽ(´ー`)ノ
   3. Save the file
   4. Run "sudo systemctl restart apache2" to restart apache
   5. Adjust permissions for every directory and file for your site, guide-
      lines are usually provided in the script's documention
   6. ????
   7. PROFIT!!!

 [Date updated: 2021/10/15(Fri) 00:55:32]
 Is textchan . org down? 
 ( ’~’)
 its broken, for me (;´Д`)

 [Date updated: 2021/10/14(Thu) 23:36:30]
 (;´Д`) rns remix is super cool

 [Date updated: 2021/10/14(Thu) 17:59:01]
  but what about the timeline? (;´Д`)

 [Date updated: 2021/10/14(Thu) 15:23:32]
 IT'S DONE ヽ(´∇`)ノ
 HOLY SHIT ヽ(´∇`)ノヽ(´∇`)ノヽ(´∇`)ノ
 Make sure to go through all the settings and read the TL notes I left, 
  as well as the addendum section in the readme. They should cover most 
  of the potential issues that might arise in setting this up ヽ(´ー`)ノ
  Oh yeah, and I found a replacement for bbspass.cgi called crypt.cgi by 
  Zurubon. Yes - the same Zurubon who made the popular version of the 
  uploader script we and many others are still using today ヽ(´ー`)ノ
  User: Kuznetsov
   Perl?! Ugh! How am I supposed to run this! (;´Д`)
   Same way I did ヽ(´ー`)ノ
     The main thing I do is edit my apache config file to allow CGI scripts 
     in all the directoy(s) I want to run CGI/Perl scripts, then restart 
     apache. If you want to know the exact steps, I can detail them for you
     If you're not using apache... (;´Д`)
     Other than that it's usually just a matter of:
     - making sure the script files have the correct path to Perl (usually 
     either "/usr/bin/perl" or "/usr/local/bin/perl" - for me it's the 
     - if it's an older Japanese script, using the special version of that actually runs on modern Perl (I provided it!)
     - that all your permissions are in order

 [Date updated: 2021/10/14(Thu) 14:49:44]
 you now have to have sex with 1860-san (・∀・)

 [Date updated: 2021/10/14(Thu) 14:08:55]
 (;´Д`) I want a sweater the color of this webpage
 It's dark teal ヽ(´ー`)ノ

 [Date updated: 2021/10/14(Thu) 13:26:49]
 (;´Д`) I dont feature what you putting down

 [Date updated: 2021/10/14(Thu) 10:49:43]
 No japanese people visit Heyuri, however, i figure due to kuzs other sites alot
 of russians do. 
 Therefor, we should replace the japanese link below the postform with a russ
 ian one! ( ´ω`)
 Heyuri isn't a "kuz site" even though he is the current admin - that's 
  like saying 4chan is a "hiroyuki site" (;´Д`)
  Russian users and Russian internet culture have very little to do with 
  Heyuri, especially ever since kuz gave the 9ch migrants he brought over 
  their own home, after which they completely abandon Heyuri
  We used to have a Japanese board for Japanese posters that was surpri-
  singly active for a while, and there's still a page on Heyuri that 
  welcomes Japanese users to the site
  Ultimately, Heyuri is "the place to be!" for fun-loving enthusiasts of 
  Japanese media/pr0nz, pre-2010s internet culture, Japanese internet/
  otaku culture, and obscure Japanese bulletin board scripts ヽ(´ー`)ノ
  4chan is a hiroyuki site the jannys pass users and trip faggots
    are nobilities of differentiating degrees they hangout on irc /j/ /vip/
    or /mass manufactured general nobody gives a shit about/ and ignore the
    filthy peasants mostly until they feel like massacring them (;´Д`)ノʘ
    The king hiroyuki doesnt even know what a filthy peasant is or the word
    and hangs out with other fellow datami- kings on a redcircle group
    instead of using the site like all good kings would
    4chan is like france heyuri is like kgb era russia and im a underpaid
    cointel agent all hunt the filthy peasants
    Kuzzykins hire me my rates start at 6 million rubes a minute (#^ω^)

 [Date updated: 2021/10/14(Thu) 01:58:45]
  I have come back from the Asian internet to rejoin my- What the fuck is going on here?
  | (    )  |
  never mind

 [Date updated: 2021/10/13(Wed) 23:22:55]
 digg forum in wapanese rome wope

 [Date updated: 2021/10/13(Wed) 22:53:30]
 TIL that forum in japanese is forum

 [Date updated: 2021/10/13(Wed) 18:41:22]
 i wish i was a girl (*/∇\*)
 i'd wear cute skirts and flash my pantsu (//・_・//)
 i'd give people good night kisses on the kolyma irc (๑•з•)))⋆*♡*⋆ฺ=͟͟͞͞=͟͟͞͞
 i'd show my breasts to strangers on /dating/ (*/ω\*)
 You might like this Mana-owned board I happened across the other day 
  that uses a Remix-like script (not the same as what I'm working on, but 
  derived from the same script):
  It's called: "Josou/Josei-ka Sakuhin Forum"
  TL: "Crossdressing/Feminization-related Works Forum"
  The users there are real connoisseurs on this topic... (;゚∇゚)
  kuzzykins was right about faganons(●∀●)
   (;´Д`) Thats not what he meant!

 [Date updated: 2021/10/13(Wed) 18:28:26]
 death time bucko

 [Date updated: 2021/10/13(Wed) 16:28:23]
 (;´Д`) Woaahhhhhhhh

 [Date updated: 2021/10/13(Wed) 15:01:51]
 Why do I find the @StandardView@ so much harder to use and browse than the @ThreeView@? Which one do you use, nameless?
 Standard view - I've never liked tree views or nested replies (;´Д`)

 [Date updated: 2021/10/13(Wed) 08:41:46]
 Where did ID:Heaven come from?
 I can't say for sure, but the earliest instance I know of is !WAHa's 
   Wakaba script dated 2004/07/24, where "Heaven" is the default value for 
   EMAIL_ID in
   It probably just spread via the mass adoption of Wakaba and Kareha, and 
   then metastasized once 4chan started using it
   To the best of my knowledge, 2ch, 0ch, futaba, world2ch, futallaby, 
   etc. all used "ID:???", so I don't think it came from any of those

 [Date updated: 2021/10/13(Wed) 04:47:00]
 User: Anony

 [Date updated: 2021/10/12(Tue) 21:49:33]
 User: copypasta man
 hello friends ヽ(´∇`)ノ
 I am the copypasta man, infamously known for having spammed copypasta for a week (・∀・)
 I am deeply sorry for my actions (´ー`), but I really like the idea and concept behind this board and site, as I deeply miss the time when things used to be bright and happy everywhere, hence I spammed copypasta as a nostalgic remembrance of the old days (´ー`)
 So I promise I won't spam copypasta anymore, I will be a good boy nao 
 could u pls take me out from the spamlist pls (;´Д`)
 User: lg
  Not until you buy our NEW NAIL POLISH REMOVER! Only 40% OFF!
 User: Kuznetsov
   This was an error due to a faulty commit to the backend of our software.
   It marked everyone as spam. You would never be added to the database
   for something innocent like that. Please continue as you were, and if the
   problem pops up, let me know.

 [Date updated: 2021/10/12(Tue) 18:20:13]
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 [Date updated: 2021/10/12(Tue) 17:03:44]
 I looked all around but I still couldn't find it (;´Д`)
 I eventually figured out how to manually generate it by looking through 
 the code:
     print crypt ( "passwordgoeshere", "r7" );
 The result will be something like "r7/b9cx2mGCfQ", which you set as 
 adminpost in the configuration section of the script. Then when you 
 put your (non-encrypted) password into the name field when posting, 
 you'll get the real admin capcode! ヽ(´ー`)ノ
 Or at least you do ever since I fixed the b0rked code - after hours of 
 pulling my hair out not being able to admin post, I wrote up a HUEG 
 post here earlier asking for help with the issue (I think it would have 
 been the largest legitimate post ever made here)
 Before I hit post, I figured out the solution, which of course was as 
 painfully simple as deleting a pair of brackets (;´Д`)
 User: Kuznetsov
  Welcome to programming (;´Д`)
  RNS makes koko look like well-maintaned code...
  You'a'yll get used to it or fall deep( ゚Д゚)
    I heard perl is like php but that's horribly incorrect php doesn't make you
    define function protocols and then get arguments from the stack
    Older perl required popping arguments from the stack without having a strict
    It means true perl is slow and unnecessarily dangerous due to funky stack manipulation
    everyone knows the cve credit php has maybe it really is based on perl
    I don't know old php either or really php maybe it does force function protocols
    and using the stack for function variables in some cases
    Normal algol function definitions are still experimental in perl5
    Thanks for listening to my qed talk (ノД`、)

 [Date updated: 2021/10/12(Tue) 15:12:52]
 The RNS Remix4.02 translation is very close to completion! ヽ(´ー`)ノ
 It's just a matter of testing everything thoroughly to make sure 
 there's no glaring bugs or mistakes, and maybe writing a better readme 
 because the one it came with sux
 There's at least one issue yet to be resolved - it says to use a file 
 named "bbspass.cgi" to generate an admin password string, but it didn't 
 come with that file... (;´Д`)
 (;´Д`) Look in the other archives

 [Date updated: 2021/10/12(Tue) 04:05:50]
 funny... this newfag mocks kuz for not being vip but doesnt even know how to properly
 format a post on bbs's like this!
 NMDA-рецепторами ⫷ °⧭° ⫸ ICD10CM F20.9

 [Date updated: 2021/10/12(Tue) 03:48:31]
 Someone told me that the original ayashii world was used for sharing links to
 CP and glorifying aum shinrikyo, is this true?
 User: Sinkie Represent
  Not sure, but knowing how 5ch is, doesn't sound too far-fetched.
 There's no real "original" Ayashii World, but that kind of thing was 
   allegedly present in Shiba's earliest iterations (which was all myths 
   and legends even by 1998). Not so much in Ayashii World's prime (1998-
   2001) and beyond, at least from what I've seen and read for myself
   It was mostly just the same kinds of posts and hijinks you'd find on 
   4chan and similar places many years ago, only with AA instead of images:
   - ordinary posts and discussions about news, hobbies, and daily lives
   - legendary funny/fapworthy/heartwarming stories that would last for 
   - talking freely about "underground" topics that were socially frowned 
     upon/illegal (like cracking/warez, drugs, etc.)
   - making light of everything including matters that "real world" people 
     wouldn't dare joke about
   - accidentally finding themselves dragged into the mainstream news when 
     somebody leaked the real name of a juvinile criminal
   - being attacked by l33t hax0rs and script kiddies
   - turmoil and feuds with other groups/websites (notably 2ch, who many 
     hated for much the same reasons why 4chan hates Reddit)
   Unrelated, but here's sum Sakura-chan blowjob AA that AGStar stole from 
   2ch and converted to monospace:
                 \  ) 
                 ___)/            /
                /     , - ヽ       |       / 
                /     //   ヽヽ      |       | 
              /     /      /   \   |      | 
               |     /       ||||))) )  |      / 
              /    |      |ノノノノノノ   /      | 
              |     |   |  、 l,|_    |      \ 
               ゝ  (|   |   ̄  〉 ∩/        | 
                \ヽ.||   |"   ( ̄ ̄/          | 
                 w 从|l|llハ ___/~ ̄フ⊃           | 
                 ヽ/ || /       /~|         / 
                 /\ ̄||-l |     /\/|         / 
                 /  \ ゙= ||    / / |       /

 [Date updated: 2021/10/12(Tue) 01:50:49]

 [Date updated: 2021/10/11(Mon) 23:45:36]
 User: Sinkie Represent
 Hey. Any other Singaporeans here?
   Invite your singaporean friends and there will be ヽ(´∇`)ノ

 [Date updated: 2021/10/11(Mon) 19:36:40]
 hello every1 im new!!!!1 hehe :D

 [Date updated: 2021/10/11(Mon) 17:28:38]
 how do i become vip ( ’~’)

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