8213. >Anonymous-san   User: Anonymous   Post date: 2023/05/23(Tue) 15:41:22          
> > Speaking of girls' morbid fascination, it's long been said that the 
> > guro fandom has a very high percentage of girls (゚∇゚)
> Will I get a girlfriend if I become a guro fetishist? I already
> apreciate guro pictures from an aesthetic point of view, but like, I
> don't masturbate to them.

As an experienced guro fapper, I have never aimed for a girlfriend but
I don't think revealing your power level in front of random girls would
help getting them excited for you (;^Д^)
It's worth noting a lot of "guro fans" are only into light ryona or
heavy BDSM, and would haet extreme stuff you see on imageboards

Reference: 2023/05/23(Tue) 13:39:46

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