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> > Do you guys like any of those regular pop songs?
> > I think 'Young and Beautiful" by Lana Del Rey is good.(´人`)
> I never liek'd pop music, but I particularly haet post-2008 pop music 
> and the soulless hyper-artificial nature of it (;´Д`)
> I mean, pop music was always artificial - especially in the 2000s - but 
> since 2009 the kinds of stuff that hits the charts has been truly nause-
> ating. I can't listen to any it without feeling sick and wanting to 
> immediately turn it off (;´Д`)

I didn't start to truly dislike it till that mumble stuff came 'round in like 2016 and trap music kicks started appearing in everything. My tolerance gradually dwindled to nothing and since then I haven't listened to any of it willingly

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