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> by the way is there a list of names for all the kaomoji on here 
> like how ヽ(´ー`)ノ is called matari?

A lot of the ones in our buttons aren't from Japanese ayashii boards
(which is why they look kinda foreign or 2ch-like), but some are from 
the kaomoji dictionary found on @Zantei Taihi II:

I don't think they really have names, but you can try digging in other 
places too, like the word dictionary on the Zantei wiki:

and the Strange Walker site which has butt tons of old ayashii stuff 
buried in there:

Also I recently came across this, the Mirai Library:

BTW, @Mirai is an ancestor of @Misao, which still exists today. The 
lineage went a little something like this:
Main Keijiban (Shiba) → Taihi-you Hikounin → Yuuyuu Club → Honten 
(Denki Maker) → REBIRTH → Famille → REQUIEM → II → Mirai → qwerty 
→ Shanghai → Misao

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