2387. >Kuznetsov-san   User: Anonymous   Post date: 2022/01/13(Thu) 17:19:28          
> > the servers are STILL going down. hasnt kuz had 15 years of experience with this shit already?
> Its not the servers actually, its just easy to say "servers went down" then
> "our network recieves so much traffic its causing our gateway routers to
> crash sometimes combined with the fact we have been getting ddos'd 
> occasionally (which is why we have cloudflare enabled) and our IPs have
> to change when the attackers find out our real IP address (which is why
> alot of sites are offline) and also we are terribly understaffed and i am
> essentially managing an entire server network with 4TB of daily traffic,
> dozens of services and hundreds of websites all running entirely off of
> my own wallet since i havent ever asked for money from anyone and nobody
> buys the vipcodes to bypass captcha
> (;´Д`)"

Dozens of services and hundreds of websites? I've found ur p0rblem! ヽ(´∇`)ノ

Reference: 2022/01/13(Thu) 11:13:33

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