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> >> - the kaomoji button feature is unique to here, and kuz made some un-
> >> usual and weird-looking kaomoji choices
> I like them ^_^
> I see your points about outdated/untranslated/wrongly understood added
> parts, but what's wrong with some novelty? ヽ(´∇`)ノ 
> That guy asked source code of the site he was using, and if he has a plan to
> remove/edit those kaomojis or other parts, I would say he is free to do so.
> Also, while it's kuz who made these changes, is it really appropriate to call 
> them "kuz-specific"? He is the admin of the website heyuri.net so associ-
> ating updates he is doing for Heyuri's sake with his persona (or any staff)
> feels wrong to me

That's the thing - the github script ISN'T the script we're using now! 
(for the most part)
Many of the files on github are those from the initial b0rked kuz 
translation instead of the fully complete retranslation that somebody 
here (ok it was me LOL) made at a later date, which is by and large 
what we are using now (just not the very latest version cuz... well I 
don't know) ヽ(´ー`)ノ

I don't have a problem with anything kuz has done on this board, it's 
just that anyone using that github version should be aware that the 
version there is a mess - it isn't reflective of what we're currently 
using, it's missing some security patches and updates that have been 
made by the Japanese maintainer, it has some changes beyond what I 
would consider reasonable for a resdistributed script, and it likely 
doesn't even work properly (kuz even commented in one of the script 
files that the imageboard mode doesn't work, but it completely does in 
the updated translation!)

I say "kuz-specific" because many instances of "admin" or whatever have 
been changed to his own name in the version uploaded to github - it is 
literally kuz-specific!

Ultimately, it's not simply an English version of KuzuhaScript PHP+ as 
one might expect, nor is it reflective of what we're using here (other 
than the kaomoji part). It isn't a complete translation, and it isn't 
as re-distribution friendly as the "proper" one that I spent a lot of 
time and effort putting together for the express of us having a fully 
translated and working script that could also be shared ヽ(´ー`)ノ

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