2371.    User: Anonymous   Post date: 2022/01/12(Wed) 21:56:18          
>> - the kaomoji button feature is unique to here, and kuz made some un-
>> usual and weird-looking kaomoji choices

I like them ^_^
I see your points about outdated/untranslated/wrongly understood added
parts, but what's wrong with some novelty? ヽ(´∇`)ノ 

That guy asked source code of the site he was using, and if he has a plan to
remove/edit those kaomojis or other parts, I would say he is free to do so.

Also, while it's kuz who made these changes, is it really appropriate to call 
them "kuz-specific"? He is the admin of the website heyuri.net so associ-
ating updates he is doing for Heyuri's sake with his persona (or any staff)
feels wrong to me

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