11298.    User: Anonymous   Post date: 2024/02/11(Sun) 03:57:15          
Hello mods reading this. I was poster 93236 on /b/. I would like to make 
it clear I was simply posting an outlandish opinion in order to one-up 
poster 93235's retard opinion. I dislike politics as much as you 
probably do, but I figured that a more entertaining way of diffusing 
such situations is to mock them into oblivion by ramping up the 
absurdity. I do not believe those posts were going to brew into a 
full-fledged political blowout. (Such posts on Heyuri never do.) It even 
led to that funny joke about anime after WW3 being produced by gaijin 
slave labour. ヽ(´ー`)ノ

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