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 [更新日:2021/04/12(月) 12:21:03]
 Today begins a new week. Do you have any goals or things you would like to accomplish this week?
  I wish you excel and have the motivation and drive needed to accomplish them all! (or at least some of them!)

 [更新日:2021/04/12(月) 04:34:56]
 dead board full of niggers
 Dead wrong
   Linkto:2021/04/12(月) 02:44:35

 [更新日:2021/04/12(月) 03:08:59]
 Ayashii World emoticons

 [更新日:2021/04/11(日) 22:52:07]
 i will start deleting very shitty threads now. guess it must be done manually
 i will start deleting your life
  Linkto:2021/04/11(日) 19:29:40
 delete my anus
   Linkto:2021/04/11(日) 19:29:40

 [更新日:2021/04/11(日) 15:37:20]
 GTFO of Strange World with your
  shitty politics!!!! (#`Д´)

 [更新日:2021/04/11(日) 10:49:41]
 Notice the masochistic tendency of leftist tactics.
 Leftists protest by lying down in front of vehicles, they
 intentionally provoke police or racists to abuse them, etc.
 These tactics may often be effective, but many leftists use
 them not as a means to an end but because they PREFER
 masochistic tactics. Self-hatred is a leftist trait
 I hate nigger lol
 ││Linkto:2021/04/10(土) 18:27:50
 │└so funny kys niggerfaggot
   Linkto:2021/04/11(日) 05:37:12
   Linkto:2021/04/10(土) 18:27:50

 [更新日:2021/04/11(日) 10:49:06]
 damn thats crazy

 [更新日:2021/04/10(土) 18:25:00]
 『Ayashii World's Genealogy』(as of 2000/04/19)
 ┃TL notes:              ┃
 ┃Shiba = founder of Ayashii World  ┃
 ┃Taihi = refuge / evacuation     ┃
 ┃Honten = head office / main office ┃
 ┃<> = title of a given lineage   ┃
 ┃↓ = still existed on 2000/04/19  ┃
 Shiba Era, 1st Period(Digital Eden)96/8~96/12
 Shiba Era, 2nd Period(Kenjinkai)96/12~97/3
 Shiba Era, 3rd Period(jcat、k&t、IntaractiA、Muryou Rental)97/3~97/9
 Shiba Era, 4th Period(Xtel、Solidigit)97/9~98/3
 Shiba Era, 5th Period(Shibuya Ikebukuro Hyper and more)98/3~98/5
 Shiba Era, 6th Period(WEBDESIGN)98/5~98/9
 Taihi-you 98/9                      Famille, 1st Period 98/9~99/4       Meiso 98/9~
 │                                  │                 ↓
 Yuuyuu Club 98/9                           │
 │                                  │
 Denki Maker Honten, 1st Period 98/9~98/12              │
 │(Ayashii Hirunobu・Yorunobu Honten)                │
 │                                  │
 Denki Maker Honten, 2nd Period 98/12~99/1              │
 │(Hirunobu・Yorunobu Honten)                    │
 ├────────────────────────┐         │
 <Honten>                  <REBIRTH lineage>   │
 Denki Maker Honten, 3rd Period 99/1~99/10  REBIRTH 99/1~99/4  │
 │(306c6d Honten)                │         │
 │                        └──────┐  │
 │                        :      ↓  │
 │                        :  Famille, 2nd Period 99/4~99/6
 │                        :         │(Main Era)
 │                        :         │
 │                        :  Famille, 3rd Period 99/6
 │                        :         │(/1/ Era)
 │                        ├─────────┘
 │         KCOM 99/6~99/7     REQUIEM 99/6~99/7
 │          :             │
 │          :┌────────────┴─────────────────────────────────────────┐
 │          <II>                                                   <Kinsan>
 │        ARENA・II, 1st Period 99/7                                           Kinsan 99/7~99/9
 │           │(until the Extra split)                                          │ :
 │           ├──────────────────────────────────────────────┐       │ :
 │         II, 2nd Period 99/7~99/9                                   <Extra>     │  :
 Pororo Honten      │(Halted・until the ??? split)                        Extra, 1st Period 99/7  │  :
 │99/10~00/3      ├───────────────────────────────┐              │       │ :
 │         II, 3rd Period 99/9~99/11                <Christmas Island>         AMG 99/7~99/8  │  :
 │           │(until the November suspension)          Temporary board 99/9          │       │ :
 │           ├────────────────┐              │         Extra, 2nd Period 99/8  │  :
 │           :               <Raper>           ??? 99/9~99/10        │       │ :
 │           :               Net Pro 99/11          │             Grind 99/8    │  :
 ├───┐       ├────────────────┘│            Wakana 99/10~99/11       │       │ 2000 99/12~
 │ <Inujini>   II, 4th Period 99/11~00/2     Millenium 99/11~00/2     │         Extra, 3rd Period 99/8~ │  │
 │Inujini Ayashii    │(until the Yamashita crisis)  │          Christmas Island 99/11~      ├───────┘ │
 │   │00/1~     │                 └─────┐       │              │         │
 │   │     II, 5th Period 00/2                 │       │              │         │
 │   │       │(non-ARENA)              II Taihi 00/2    │              │         │
 │   │       ├──────────────┐        │       │              │         │
 │   │     II@Maripe Moe! 00/2     <Mirai>       │       │              │         │
 │   │       │            Mirai 00/2~      │       │              │         │
 │   └──┐  II, 6th Period 00/2~       │        │       │              │         │
 Taihi Honten │    │(since revival of AGStar) │      @Pyongyang 00/3~  │              │         │
 │00/3~   │    │              │        │       │              │         │
 ↓      ↓    ↓              ↓        ↓       ↓              ↓         ↓
  I couldn't fit an opening message in that post without it getting 
  rejected for being too long, but basically I translated Ayashii 
  World's genealogy circa 2000/04/19
  You can find the original in Japanese hosted on and a few other places
  Even though it cuts off almost exactly 21 years ago, many of these 
  lineages have survived to the present day (゚Д゚;)
  Linkto:2021/04/09(金) 11:25:48
 Great work
   Linkto:2021/04/09(金) 11:25:48

 [更新日:2021/04/10(土) 08:31:27]
 I played the crap out of Croc on PSX as a kid - that video is missing 
  all the funky-ass music though! (;´Д`)
  Did the PC version not have music? The graphics look worse too...
  Linkto:2021/04/09(金) 09:18:28
  The person recording likely does not have the CD in the drive, so no music is playing.
   The poor guy seems new to the game. 
   I own the Saturn version, which has better graphics as well. Though it is prone to an unusual glitch:
   You cannot start the game normally, you must turn the console on before and then put the disk in after the main bios menu has loaded. 
   This makes it one of the only Saturn games that is impossible to play using a burned disk and a bios-skip cart like pseudosaturn.
   Linkto:2021/04/09(金) 12:08:10
   Woah, a wild Saturn owner! What are some of your favorite Saturn games?
    And is the d-pad really as good as everyone says it is? The PSX one 
    would leave a painful imprint in my thumb after a while (;´Д`)
    Linkto:2021/04/09(金) 19:14:49
    Gonna have to go with:
      Saturn Bomberman
      Bomberman Wars
      NiGHTS into Dreams
      Albert Odyssey
      Magic Knight Rayearth
      Sonic R
      Daytona USA
      Bug Too
      Mr Bones
      And lots of others! 
      It's like fingering an angel. 
      The D Pad isn't rigid like on the PS1, there's a little circle around the pad that catches the pad as you press it. You never end up digging into any of the buttons. 
      Also, croc supports the 3D controller, so you can play it with an analog stick :)
      Linkto:2021/04/10(土) 04:51:57

 [更新日:2021/04/10(土) 06:37:22]
 bro the fuck is this. 
 (i kinda like it desu)
 go back
   Linkto:2021/04/10(土) 05:47:49

 [更新日:2021/04/09(金) 14:22:59]
 Nazo CSS 

 [更新日:2021/04/09(金) 09:39:29]
 Nigger jajaja
 Your post is retarded, please leave.
  Linkto:2021/04/08(木) 01:26:26
  ¿Qué sentido tiene "revivir" un textboard? La "cultura" del BBS ya no es la de internet en los años 90s. La copia más decente de Ayashii fue Jiyuu, que ya murió, pero aún así no tiene sentido. No puedo esperar a ver el sitio lleno de gringos idiotas diciendo "nigger" a todos y demás momazos épicos del 4chan equisdedede
   Linkto:2021/04/08(木) 02:21:32
   Wired-7 niggers are so fucking annoying. GO BACK.
    Linkto:2021/04/08(木) 02:33:25
   Es literalmente una copia hecha por un ruso que le puso el nombre original para que idiotas como tú spamearan el enlace en otros chanes. El ayashii original no ha existido por más de 2 décadas y era común que se compartiera CP en esos tiempos.
   ││Linkto:2021/04/08(木) 02:33:25
     Linkto:2021/04/09(金) 05:37:26
   This nigger has some good points
    Linkto:2021/04/08(木) 02:33:25
    He's just pasting posts from a thread about ayashii in a lain board.
      Linkto:2021/04/09(金) 09:23:07

 [更新日:2021/04/09(金) 09:24:22]

 [更新日:2021/04/09(金) 09:13:35]
  Linkto:2021/04/08(木) 20:47:09
   Linkto:2021/04/08(木) 20:47:09

 [更新日:2021/04/09(金) 09:06:03]
 haha nigger

 [更新日:2021/04/09(金) 04:30:18]
 This post has been sponsored by the Russian government.

 [更新日:2021/04/09(金) 02:49:09]
 (゚、 。 7
  l、 ~ヽ
 Linkto:2021/04/06(火) 18:12:51

 [更新日:2021/04/09(金) 00:13:28]
 For any random 4chan users who might be lurking, and are confused on 
 what this site is all about and where it came from, let me fill you in!
 Ayashii World was a Japanese BBS originally founded in 1996. It 
 was one of several precursors to 2channel, and it no longer exists
 By the late 90s, Ayashii World had splintered into many different 
 sites, many of which do still exist today
 One of the most active examples is あやしいわーるど@みさお 
 (Ayashii World@Misao), which gets a little under 4,000 posts per day:
 Many of these splinter sites took on a life of their own, and updated/
 changed their site software to suit their needs, or add extra features
 For many years now, nearly all surviving Ayashii World sites use 
 scripts that are based on a script called くずはすくりぷと 
 One such example of a currently maintained KuzuhaScript-based script is 
 KuzuhaScript PHP +, as used on あやしいわーるど@蛭ヶ岳 
 (Ayashii World@Hirugatake):
 And the script itself:
 The site you're currently browsing - "Strange World", founded on 
 2021/03/29 - uses that same script, only with the user interface 
 partially translated into English by our admin kuz, who is the owner of 
 several other bulletin boards and imageboards
 Contrary to what you might have heard, this is not the first attempt at 
 bringing Ayashii World to the English-speaking world - I'm not sure who 
 that honor goes to - but there was at least one site I know of that 
 immediately preceded this one
 It went by the name "Sonzainashii World", and it was owned by the 
 elusive Mr. Yasutake. It was founded at some point in 2020, and went 
 down without a word some time around February this year (;´Д`)
 Here's the original URL for posterity, and an archive to demonstrate 
 what it was like:
 And now you know! ヽ(´∇`)ノ
 ││That should be Sonzaishinai World, oops (;´Д`)
 ││Linkto:2021/04/08(木) 09:12:27
 │└投稿者:free thinking person
   Do you think a sorry is gonna cut it???? (•̀o•́)ง
   Linkto:2021/04/08(木) 09:15:45
 Don't read that drivel, all you need to know is nobody here knew shit about this stuff until sonzaishinai world was advertised on 4-ch and then once the admin forgot about it this shit clone popped up created by a Russian guy who tries to put his name on just about every nostalgia driven "reboot" imageboard/textboard in existence.
 ││The original ayashii world didn't use software like this, by the way.
 ││Linkto:2021/04/08(木) 09:12:27
 │├You seem very upset. If this place upsets you, why do you visit here?
 │││Linkto:2021/04/08(木) 09:22:37
 ││└woah, watch your mouth, peasant. How DARE YOU challenge the twitter cancel mob. Dont ask questions. Dont ask why. Kuz is bad.
 ││  Linkto:2021/04/08(木) 12:37:17
 │└The earliest forms of Ayashii World (before they decentralized in 1998) 
 │ │were only "not like this" in the same way that futallaby is "not like 
 │ │vichan" - and by that I mean they are functionally the same thing once 
 │ │you look past a few superficial QoL features and additional bells & 
 │ │whistles
 │ │
 │ │Ayashii World boards were still going strong for years after becoming 
 │ │decentralized, and the original KuzuhaScript was already considered to 
 │ │be the "de facto standard" Ayashii World script as far back as 1999
 │ │
 │ │It's the prevailing users of Ayashii World boards today who continue to 
 │ │develop, maintain, and use the version of KuzuhaScript we're using 
 │ │right now, and the post-millennium additions are so minimal that 
 │ │it's silly to act like this is somehow something completely different
 │ │
 │ │If you removed tree view and the embedded youtube player you'd already 
 │ │be back to Ayashii World circa 1998, and if you removed the reply and 
 │ │name search functions you'd be back to 1997 (;´Д`)
 │ │
 │ │Linkto:2021/04/08(木) 09:22:37
 │ │
 │ └i dont understand how the name search function works (;´Д`)
   Linkto:2021/04/08(木) 13:07:15
   Click the star symbol on any post that has the name field filled in, and it 
     will display every post made under that name
     Also, it's not very obvious, but you don't need to quote an entire 
     post or thread in order for your reply to be linked. Like most other 
     forms of post-based communication, you can just quote the relevant 
     sections to provide context, or remove the quote entirely, and it will 
     still be linked to the post you're replying to correctly
     Linkto:2021/04/08(木) 21:39:11
   Linkto:2021/04/08(木) 09:12:27

 [更新日:2021/04/08(木) 19:50:46]
 what do i do on here
 apparently act like an idiot
  Linkto:2021/04/07(水) 16:19:13
 I play with CSS and circle jerk with strangers on the internet!!
  Linkto:2021/04/07(水) 16:19:13
  Make anything cool? Cool themes?
    Linkto:2021/04/08(木) 16:51:16

 [更新日:2021/04/08(木) 19:40:42]
 sweaty girl armpits
 reimu's armpits
 ││Linkto:2021/04/08(木) 01:14:52
   Linkto:2021/04/08(木) 01:16:15
 its a must sniff
  Linkto:2021/04/08(木) 01:14:52
   Linkto:2021/04/08(木) 01:14:52

 [更新日:2021/04/08(木) 17:02:36]
  │              │ 
   │ Boobs > Butt │ 
  │              │ 
    (   )      
     ノ ωヽ       
  Linkto:2021/04/01(木) 01:13:43
 am i allowed to prefer one over the other at a given time, and then switch my preference every now and then?
  Linkto:2021/04/01(木) 01:13:43
  Linkto:2021/04/01(木) 01:13:43
    Linkto:2021/04/07(水) 07:53:19

 [更新日:2021/04/08(木) 16:50:25]
 So how do you use this site?
 Well you obviously know how to since you posted here lol this is pretty shitty bait.
  Linkto:2021/04/07(水) 11:49:54
  *epic movie trailer music*
   In a world, where innocuous and uninflammatory posts are considered 
   bait... (゚Д゚)
   Linkto:2021/04/07(水) 12:34:33
  faganon! we missed you!
   Linkto:2021/04/07(水) 12:34:33
   I  actually like this site and think Kuz is doing a good job    here it is better than Heyuri.
    Linkto:2021/04/07(水) 17:19:41
   i always change bg color to #68598f when I lurk for maximum comfy
     Linkto:2021/04/07(水) 17:19:41

 [更新日:2021/04/08(木) 16:33:06]
 i am a russian bot. i ahev a ushanka and i 
 generate posts out of a database w/ my 
 preloaded replies. if you dont
 repost this comment on 10 other pages i will
  spawn in your thread and make a mess of the original topic
   [, |,,★,,] 
   ( ´∀`) '`,、'`,、'`,、'`,、'`,、
 _(__つ/ ̄ ̄ ̄/_ 
   \/    /
      ̄ ̄ ̄
  Linkto:2021/04/03(土) 13:06:59
 beep boop
  Linkto:2021/04/03(土) 13:06:59
 are you able to cook?
  Linkto:2021/04/03(土) 13:06:59
  oh yeah very much
    Linkto:2021/04/08(木) 13:03:33

 [更新日:2021/04/08(木) 09:39:43]
 You will never be a real woman. You have no womb, you have no ovaries, you have no eggs. You are a homosexual man twisted by drugs and surgery into a crude mockery of nature’s perfection.
  Men are utterly repulsed by you. Thousands of years of evolution have allowed men to sniff out frauds with incredible efficiency. Even trannies who “pass” look uncanny and unnatural to a man. Your bone structure is a dead giveaway.
  And even if you manage to get a drunk guy home with you, he’ll turn tail and bolt the second he gets a whiff of your diseased, infected axe wound.
  You will never be happy. You wrench out a fake smile every single morning and tell yourself it’s going to be ok, but deep inside you feel the depression creeping up like a weed, ready to crush you under the unbearable weight.

 [更新日:2021/04/08(木) 09:26:23]
 投稿者:free thinking person
 Did 6 milion really die? Sometimes I wonder how feasible it would be for a wartime dictatorship to allocate precious resources on secret genocide camps.
   I dont think they did, personally.
   Linkto:2021/04/08(木) 08:54:31

 [更新日:2021/04/08(木) 07:04:39]
 dont advertise this site on 4chan please. dont bring in that filth.
 also, no one here is claiming to be from ayashii or some hyper ancientfag. its just appreciation of the sites style and form/function. 
 that is all
  herro kuz-san
  prease, finish transrating this site.
  Linkto:2021/04/08(木) 03:04:04
  rearn nipponese! Once you go raisu,
   you never go gaijin again!
   Linkto:2021/04/08(木) 03:31:13
     some people also complained that there was alot of shitty posts on the site. well maybe id do some more moderation if i could figure out how this damn admin panel works!
     Linkto:2021/04/08(木) 06:15:00

 [更新日:2021/04/08(木) 03:02:16]
 it's full of eops here this place is doomed

 [更新日:2021/04/07(水) 18:44:36]
 i WILL not take my meds
  Linkto:2021/04/06(火) 17:07:29
 You vill take za meds.
   Linkto:2021/04/06(火) 17:07:29

 [更新日:2021/04/07(水) 17:52:22]
 formerly m00t’s
 投稿者:Mr Alice
   Formerly Shiba's
   Linkto:2021/04/07(水) 08:09:59

 [更新日:2021/04/07(水) 16:38:31]
 Sitting on the shitter
  Shitting on the board
  I am pooping right now 
  In more sense than one lol
  Poopoopeepee lol

 [更新日:2021/04/07(水) 11:37:38]
 i like tomo
 I didn't watch Azumanga Daioh until this past winter, but I am very glad I did. I also like Tomo, but in my opinion, Sakaki is best girl.
 ││Linkto:2021/04/06(火) 02:40:54
 │└This guy knows what's up (´ー`)
   Linkto:2021/04/06(火) 02:47:35
 ││Maybe we should do a let's watch of Azumanga Diaoh sometime. As long as 
 ││we download the same video files, it's simple to watch together using
 ││an application called "syncplay"[1] -- we could make an announcement
 ││on a couple of Anonboards and see who shows up
 ││Linkto:2021/04/06(火) 02:40:54
 │├yes! lets!
 ││ based syncplay
 ││ Linkto:2021/04/06(火) 05:47:08
 │└Alternatively there's Cytube, which is what most imageboard-related 
 │ │streams I've encountered use:
 │ │
 │ │
 │ │
 │ │It's open source (so server owners can set up their own instances if 
 │ │they prefer), plus it's got an IRC-style chat, playlist, polls, emotes, 
 │ │etc., and it's highly customizable via CSS and scripts (there's even a 
 │ │script for Niconico-style comments flying across the screen)
 │ │
 │ │...however, 4/a/ recently streamed Azumanga Daioh during their "25 days 
 │ │of /a/utism" streams in December - which I was present for - so I'm all 
 │ │Azumanga'd out for the time being ノ(´д`)
 │ │
 │ │Linkto:2021/04/06(火) 05:47:08
 │ │
 │ └I agree cytube is a better alternative for such activity. but organization 
    of it should be thinked about well if you are going to watch all 26 
    episodes. You wouldn't want it to end up like some of the Heyuri's monthly 
    anime attempts before 2021 (⌒_⌒;)
    Linkto:2021/04/07(水) 07:01:26
 Good song.
   Linkto:2021/04/06(火) 02:40:54

 [更新日:2021/04/07(水) 03:39:48]
 Black penis
 ││Linkto:2021/04/02(金) 12:08:06
 │└Fuck. Off.
   Linkto:2021/04/02(金) 16:05:19
 ││Linkto:2021/04/02(金) 12:08:06
 │└black penis
   Linkto:2021/04/02(金) 17:42:14
 投稿者:eels @ freesoftwaresfoundation
 ││Get therapy.
 ││This isn't healthy.
 ││Linkto:2021/04/02(金) 12:08:06
 │└Don't reply to shit threads
 │ │This isn't healthy
 │ │
 │ │Linkto:2021/04/02(金) 20:19:27
 │ │
 │ └kys.
    Linkto:2021/04/02(金) 21:02:36
 ││these sites suck
 ││ is the best Cracky site
 ││Linkto:2021/04/02(金) 12:08:06
 │└That one is the creepiest. I hope these artists aren't being serious. There's no way she's going to reach out to any of you and "understand the situation". She probably hates you all and thinks you guys are fucking creeps.
 │ │
 │ │Linkto:2021/04/02(金) 23:46:51
 │ │
 │ ├(;´Д`)
 │ │ 
 │ │ Linkto:2021/04/03(土) 00:08:16
 │ │ 
 │ ├...where do you think you are? We're all creeps here! (´ー`)y-~~
 │ ││
 │ ││Linkto:2021/04/03(土) 00:08:16
 │ ││
 │ │└Cracky spammer is the biggest of them all!
 │ │  
 │ │  Linkto:2021/04/03(土) 04:11:04
 │ │  
 │ └The guy who runs Dear Olivia is actually really cool
   He's the guy who did this song and video:
   (You can see a Cracky pic on the door in the background)
   Linkto:2021/04/03(土) 00:08:16
   This dude needs to be on a watchlist. 
    Cyberstalking is a crime more serious than you might realize, kids!
    Linkto:2021/04/03(土) 18:25:53
    nah he's cool he works at a school now
     they don't let dangerous people work at schools ergo he's safe
     Linkto:2021/04/04(日) 16:57:42
     I work at a school (´π`)
      Linkto:2021/04/04(日) 17:57:24
      black penis
       Linkto:2021/04/06(火) 02:49:11
      How many kids have you raped?
       Linkto:2021/04/06(火) 02:49:11
         Linkto:2021/04/07(水) 02:55:49
 You are not welcome
  Linkto:2021/04/02(金) 12:08:06
  that's not a real domain name
    ** server can't find NXDOMAIN
    Linkto:2021/04/04(日) 00:16:16